ACQUA, FERRO E FUOCO – Key project PC3 – PSL 2014 – 2020

Measure 7

Basic services and village renewal in rural areas.

Intervention type 7.5.1 PC3

Infrastructures and information for the development of sustainable tourism in rural areas.

Operation description

Enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage through the requalification of a network of existing routes for the development of sustainable tourism.


The enhancement of the resources of the territory through two main itineraries (the first one, from rural to pre-industrial archeology, and the second one, about the maximum resistance lines of the Great War), both developed on existing routes linked to the regional plan of Sustainable Mobility and the Venetian Hiking Network, and the enhancement of a third itinerary (Fogazzaro-Roi route), which accompanies the development of the first two by connecting the municipalities belonging to the key project to a provincial and regional context.

Achieved results

The intervention aims to increase the attractiveness of the geographical area of ​​reference, to identify and consolidate themed routes and itineraries and to promote the usability and accessibility for tourists, with particular attention to people with disabilities. It adopts actions for the development of communication, visual identity and online presence with the adoption of new systems and tools for information and promotion (ie. mobile app and multimedia totems).

Financed amount 111.229,79 euro.

Local Development Program F.A.R.E. Mountain. Initiative funded by the Rural Development Program for Veneto 2014-2020. Body responsible for information: Unione Montana Alto Astico. Management Authority: Veneto Region – EAFRD and Forestry AdG Directorate.

Intervention type 7.5.1 – infrastructures and information for the development of sustainable tourism in rural areas

ACQUA, FERRO E FUOCO tra Astico e Posina | PC3 – PSL 2014-2020 

Leadyng Body: Unione Montana Alto Astico 

Municipalities: Arsiero, Laghi, Lastebasse, Santorso, Tonezza Del Cimone, Velo D’astico, Posina

Project coordinators: AVVI . studio associato

Development Miroir Studio S.r.l.

Creation of texts, photos and videos: BLU 48 S.r.l.

For any reports, send an email to: